About the Author and Photographer

How The Purpose of Things Came To Be

The story behind The Purpose of Things goes back more than twenty years when Peter first began writing ”Purpose” poems. At the start, it was just a few lines on random subjects, but as the lines evolved into poems it became clear that a larger sequence was waiting to be written.

Over the next fifteen years, Peter wrote “Purpose” poems on and off, exploring new subjects but also writing multiple poems on the same subject.  At one point he had more than 60 “Purpose” poems and thought that perhaps they could make a book. He also felt the book needed a strong visual component to bring the poems more fully alive. After exploring several options, he thought he might try using stock photography. Enter Pieter de Koninck.

Peter and Pieter had been friends and colleagues for many years. Pieter was an outstanding art director and photographer with a sharp eye and great judgment. Peter sent him the manuscript asking if he would help select the stock shots for the book. Pieter’s response after reading the poems changed everything. He said he would only be involved if he could shoot original black and white photographs for the collection. And so, their collaboration began. Many poems were discarded or re-edited. Numerous photographs were taken and retaken. Ultimately, in its final form, both author and photographer agree the book has more than lived up to its shared vision. One they’re grateful to be able to share.

For more about Peter’s writing, click here

For more about Pieter’s photography, click here

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