About the Author and Photographer

Peter Serchuk’s poems have appeared in a wide variety of literary journals including Atlanta Review, Poetry, Hudson Review, Boulevard, New Letters, North American Review and others. His previous collections are Waiting for Poppa at the Smithtown Diner (University of Illinois Press) and All That Remains (WordTech Editions).

Pieter de Koninck is an award-winning art director and graphic designer who has created numerous advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his own photography, he has worked alongside a long list of nationally recognized photographers, cinematographers and directors.

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More praise for The Purpose of Things

“The Purpose of Things is a rare and powerful synergy of poetry and photographic art. Like flint and steel, two probing and independent visions collide upon these pages, creating a shower of brilliant sparks. As a coffee-table book, this one’s a double shot of expresso. If you thought there was nothing new to say on these timeless themes, think, and look, again!”

-Dan Veach, Founding Editor of Atlanta Review, author of Elephant Water

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Praise for The Purpose of Things

“The Purpose of Things is a terrific collaboration between words and images…a delightful reconsideration of what’s right in front of us.” – Aline Smithson: Internationally acclaimed photographer, artist and curator “When William Carlos Williams said of poetry ‘No ideas but in things,’ he seems to have predicted the power of these pairs of poems and photographs.Continue reading “Praise for The Purpose of Things”